Manifestation Manual – Digital Download


This Manifestation Manual was created to be the most complete and simplest instruction guide to manifesting anything you can think of. Distilled into the absolute simplest form, this manual is designed to be easily digested in one sitting and easily re-read often. BONUS worksheets are included for a Manifestation Boost!

With this Manifestation Manual, you will:
list-arrow Learn how Manifestation really works
list-arrow Connect to your higher self
list-arrow Get crystal clear on what you need to Manifest
list-arrow Change your mindset on money
list-arrow Clear your mind of negative thoughts
list-arrow Become a magnet for money & abundance
list-arrow Break out of negative behaviorial patterns
list-arrow Re-program your subconscious mind
list-arrow Learn simple & effective Meditation techniques
list-arrow Become more confident and motivated
list-arrow Learn how to 3D print anything you can dream up
list-arrow Learn how to create and communicate with your dream-future-self and turn that into your present day virtual assistant
list-arrow And lots more!


You live in a virtual reality (of sorts), and I can show you how to edit and customize it any way you wish.

My name is Jordan Crowder and after a near death experience in 2019, I found myself in a race against time to save my own life. In six months I went from doctors telling me I might not make it another day, to that same doctor crying tears of happiness as she told me I was the most dramatic turnaround she had ever seen. The lab that did my blood work said they had never seen numbers drop the amount mine did. And they do hundreds of thousands of labs a year.

The Manifestation techniques I used to heal my body, I applied to other parts of my life, with equally astonishing results.

4+ years of sobriety, 60+ pounds lost, 2 six-figure profit businesses and working on the 3rd, dream business in my dream house at my dream beach, living the life of my dreams. Emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially – I have never felt better – and this is all manifested using the steps in this manual.

My Manifestation techniques are a unique blend of modern neuroscience, ancient esoteric wisdom, cutting-edge consciousness research and some good ol’ woo-woo magic. And I have broken it down, step-by-step for you here, so you can easily Manifest Health, Wealth & Happiness!

I spent 4+ years studying and experimenting around the clock to find reality’s secrets and I have distilled it in it’s simplest possible form here in this guide so that YOU can quickly and easily Manifest anything you desire and create your dream life!

This is a no-frills, super simple breakdown, created to be easily digested in one sitting and so you can re-read often. I created it in a minimalist, black and white format for easy printing. It is recommended that you highlight the parts that pertain to you for quick reference.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this Manifestation Manual and that it brings you everything that you desire 🙂


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