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Manifestation Manual

I spent 5 years studying and experimenting around the clock to find reality’s secrets and I have distilled it in it’s simplest possible form here in this guide so that YOU can quickly and easily Manifest anything you desire and create your dream life!

list-arrow Learn how Manifestation really works
list-arrow Connect to your higher self
list-arrow Get crystal clear on what you need to Manifest
list-arrow Clear your mind of negative thoughts
list-arrow Become a magnet for money & abundance
list-arrow Break out of negative behaviorial patterns
list-arrow Re-program your subconscious mind
list-arrow Learn simple & effective Meditation techniques
list-arrow Become more confident and motivated
list-arrow Create a personal AI-like assistant based on your future self
list-arrow And lots more!


You Have A Purpose

Do you feel lost? Like the clock is ticking and you desparately need to figure out what your life’s path is and get to work, fast?!

You are not alone, this is the common journey of an Entrepreneurial Spirit. I have spent many years learning, experimenting and developing tools to help people just like you, to reach a level of business and spiritual success you have only dreamed of.

Hi, I’m Jordan Crowder

My mission is to guide Entrepreneurs to find their true path and create the life of their dreams.

For over 20 years, I have helped hundreds of Entrepreneurs start, run and grow their businesses.

After a Near-Death Experience and years of altered-consciousness training, I have added a suite of spiritual tools to the toolbox and now the sparks are really flying.

Some of the things I have been able to accomplish in a short time, and I want to teach you how to do, are:

list-arrow Perform Miraculous Healing
list-arrow Manifest My Dream Life
list-arrow Identify My Destined Path
list-arrow Scale My Business FAST
list-arrow Calm Down & Take Control


‘How to harness your spiritual powers to become a better entrepreneur’

In this book, you will learn HOW TO:
list-arrow Identify your physical path and your spiritual path
list-arrow Look at life as a virtual reality and change the rules of your game
list-arrow Use meditation as a superpower to edit your reality
list-arrow Use elite-level manifestation to create your dream business, life, and self
list-arrow Develop a plan and vision for your entrepreneurial journey
list-arrow Use business techniques like dropshipping and arbitrage models
list-arrow Scale your business to buy the most important asset in the world…time!
list-arrow Find balance and happiness in a chaotic world

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